How To Protect Your Crypto Wallet?

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  • September 5, 2018
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Tool Used By Hackers To Steal Cryptocurrency: How to protect your Crypto Wallets

As with the going trend with Crypto currency,

its must to protect the crypto wallet.

Similarly the hackers keep an eye on you.

The attackers used malware software which is called as ‘Clipboard Hijackers’,

It operates as in the clipboard and also potentially replace the copied wallet address

with one of the attackers.

Wallet Protection

According to Cointelegraph published Kaspersky Lab’s report,

which stated; that criminals were able to steal more than $9 million

in Ethereum (ETH) through social engineering schemes over the past year.

This did not take long to become reality, as with the overall estimated

share of getting attacks by the attackers on wallets.

Probably, its about 20% of the total malware attacks that aimed at

stealing users information and money.

In an study by American company Foley & Lardner which shown

strongest risk that negatively affect  among 250million victims.

The market around 71% of cryptocurrency traders and investors

for the reason that 31% of respondents threat to global cryptocurrency industry

as very higher risk.

Wallet Protection

According to research conducted by ING Bank NV and Ipsos

which did not consider East Asia in the study while about nine percent

of Europeans.

And eight percent of U.S. residents own cryptocurrencies,

with 25 % of the population planning to buy digital assets

in the near future.

Thus, almost a quarter of a billion potential victims could

soon fall into the field of hacking activity.

Many great investors have given another basic security measures to

ensure a sufficient level of protection as.

By Bleeping Computer Portal, Most technical support problems

lie not with the computer.

But with the fact that the user does not know the ‘basic concepts’

that underlie all issues of computing.

These concepts include hardware, files and folders,

operating systems, internet and applications.

According to Lex Sokolin, the fin-tech strategy director

at Autonomous Research every year.

Thousands of people become victims of cloned sites and ordinary phishing.

Voluntarily sending fraudsters $200 million in cryptocurrency, while that is never returned.

Protection of Wallet:

Wallet Protection

1. Apps on Google Play and the App Store

Don’t get carried away with installing mobile applications without much need;

-Add Two Factor Authorization-identification to all applications

on the smartphone also;

-Be sure to check the links to applications on the official site of the project.

2. Bots in Sack

Report Slack-bots to block them

-Ignore bots  activity

-Protect the Slack-channel, for example with Meta-cert or

Web-root security bots, Avira antivirus software or

even more built-in Google Safe Browsing.

3. Add-ons for Crypto Trading

Use a separate browser for operations with cryptocurrencies;

-Select an incognito mode;

Do not download any crypto add-ons;

-Get a separate PC or smartphone just for crypto trading;

-Hence, Download an antivirus and install network protection.

4. Authentication by SMS

-Do not accept any Authentication by SMS

5. Public Wi-Fi

-Never perform crypto transactions through public Wi-Fi,

even more if you are using a VPN;

-Regularly update the firmware of your own router,

as hardware manufacturers are constantly releasing updates aimed

at protecting against key substitution.

-Crypto-jacking, hidden mining and common sense

Crypto Wallet

6. Phishing

-When receiving messages from any crypto-currency related


-copy the link to the browser address field and also compare

it to the address of the original site;

-If something seems like suspicious, close the window and

delete the letter from your inbox.

7. Sites-clones

-Never interact with Cryptocurrency-related sites without HTPPS protocol;

-When using Chrome, customize the extension.

For example, Kryptonite -while shows the addresses of sub-menus

A blog by well known expert on Mac malware that many viruses

addressed to ordinary users are even more infinitely stupid.

It’s equally silly to become a victim of such hacking attacks.

 The advice of Bryan Wallace, Google Small Business Adviser.

“Encryption, anti-virus software and multi-factor identification will only

keep your assets safe to a point the key seems like preventive measures and simple common sense”

However, these will help you to protect your Crypto Wallet.

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