How Your Products Stand-Out In An Online Marketplace

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  • October 10, 2018
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How Your Products Stand-Out In An Online Marketplace

The online marketplaces took time to get their boon period. 

20 years ago, eBay led a advent of Online Marketplaces,

these provided advantage to the small businesses. 

It served better opportunity to the entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs around the world started establishing their

online businesses.  

As the sellers around the world have been aided in finding

customers as never before.  

With the growing trend of online marketplace, every entrepreneurs

following the race of online world. 

Where the small businesses may find it harder to stand out in the crowd. 

The amount of competition is enormous and the demand is relentless.  

These things increase the cut-throat competition in operating online store. 
The aid to the commencement of an Online Marketplace are the

entrepreneur can operate it  from home, requires less

capital investment, less manpower and many more ease. 

The very basic and wider advantage the entrepreneurs started

taking is the ‘customer availability’ as in Online Marketplace

you can capture the world-wide market without going there. 

As for smaller retailer, it has never been easier to reach

a bigger audience. 

An online marketplace is a tough place to survive in. 

Growth & Development

Creation of new niche marketplaces bringing exciting new opportunities

for growing business. 

The Customers searching for good marketplaces are more knowledgeable

and want the higher-quality goods online. 
It becomes slightly easier for sellers with a niche product to offer and

a dedicated website to sell it from. 

But what about somebody who is selling through a large online sales platform?  

A typical customer would rarely look into a seller’s background in detail

other than  checking their rating to see if they provide a decent service. 
The popularity of shopping on online marketplaces continues to increase,

making it a great option for eCommerce retailers and small business owners. 


However, the abundance of sellers on these marketplaces can make it

hard for your products to stand out. 

The Customers are also getting savvier at finding quality products at

the lowest prices online. 
In order to boost your online sales, you have to make your marketplace

presence stand out from all your competitors. 

To overcome the online marketplace challenges, follow the best practices

to make the business as well its products and services stand out in the

competitive environment. 

 Ways to Stand-Out

1. Always Take and Post the Amazing Photos: 

It is very important that what you are showing to your customer.  
Is it Bad? 
Is it Good? 
Or Is it Average? And you know the answer. 
Always go for the best picture.

As one bad picture can down your ratings. 

The high-quality images of your products plays the vital role.  

It is critical that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to shell out

the money to hire a professional photographer, though.  

Try to learn the professional photography ideas and if it is possible,

get an expert. 

If you can observe, many online marketplaces endorse the plain

white backgrounds with detailed shots of each item. 

While white backgrounds can make a listing look professional,

so a photo with just this characteristic might not stand out

against the competition. 

You may also consider using a more unique background – just be consistent.  

This will help your products be more recognizable and leave a

memorable impression with the buyers. 

2. A Good Storyteller 


Telling stories is a good way of establishing the brand awareness. 

Customers respond well to stories and there is no easier way to build

your brand than by telling your story. 

The basic key-ideas can be followed: 

Why they started a business? 
What are the brand values? 
What was the owner’s inspiration? 

Tell about your company, its members that let the interest your customers. 

You can also tell about your products specifically.  

As the products are antiques, vintage, craft, artworks or even any

collectibles, these products stories can best demonstrated. 

Not every item has a deep history. Indeed some objects are brand-new.  

But if an item comes with a story, this imparts a greater and deeper value.


 3. Know the Community and get engage with Social Sites 


Customer likes when you respond them in social media.  

For that you have to build your community’s popularity and make it


As Social media is a natural avenue for this sort of engagements.  

The interaction with the customers is an effective way to increase

your popularity. 
Additionally, you should always acknowledge and thank customers who

comment on or share  your social media posts.

Word of mouth marketing works online as well as in person. 

Use the buzzing and highly used sites like;